World Cup Final Four

It’s down to the last four teams in the World Cup, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and the Netherlands.


The Netherlands, was a 33-1 long shot coming into the World Cup, but despite the odds have progressed and find themselves now in the Finals. They’ll face Argentina on July 9th for the final spot for the championship match.

Thanks to the brilliant play of “the Robins” (above) Arjen Robben (11), and Robin Van Persie (9), they’ve been punching above their weight class, (if you’ll pardon the mixed sports metaphor). But they may well have met their match when they come up against:


Lionel Messi the star player of Argentina, Messi, the greatest player of his generation (if you don’t ask Christiano Ronaldo) has taken control of this World Cup.

One day earlier, on the 8th of July, the Germans will bring their highly efficient and devastating brand of fußball to bear against home team Brazil. You might remember, that these are the same Germans that handed the USA their only loss in the group stage 1 nil.


This man is on a mission. His name is Bastian Schweinsteiger and he’s a Midfielder for the German’s. He doesn’t score goals. He’s a Field Marshall masterminding his forces in front of him.  A brilliant tactician and passer, he’s a playmaker for Germany.

The host country Brazil was struck by tragedy earlier this week when their star player Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior suffered a broken vertebrae in their victory over Columbia. This has reduced their chances to win the World Cup to slim and none.

If they pull off some incredible miracle victory over Germany, it will likely be due to this man, Fred or Frederico Chaves Guedes.

Fred may have to answer the call in order to keep Brazil in the World Cup.

*Corrected from an earlier version which had the wrong player from Brazil.

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